Labor Positions in Information Systems & Services

Information Systems & Services (ISS) serves the College’s mission by maintaining a robust technology infrastructure designed to address current needs and future growth.  This includes information and communications technologies including instructional and media systems, administrative applications, analytical tools, web/portal applications, wireless, VOIP, servers and much more.  The focus of our technology integration is to support student academic success and institutional effectiveness on campus.

Administration (2044 – 6740)

  • Administrative Assistant I
  • Administrative Assistant II
  • Office Assistant I
  • Office Assistant II
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Switchboard Operator I
  • Switchboard Operator II

Administrative Systems & Services

  • Sr. Web Designer
  • Sr. Web/Database Analyst
  • Web Design Assistant I
  • Web Design Assistant II
  • Web Designer I
  • Web Designer II
  • Web/Database Analyst I
  • Web/Database Analyst II
  • Web/Database Programmer I
  • Web/Database Programmer II

Instructional Services

Network Services

  • Network Services Manager
  • Network/Telecom Assistant I
  • Network/Telecom Assistant II
  • Network/Telecom Technician I
  • Network/Telecom Technician II
  • Sr. Network/Telecom Technician

User Services