Labor Positions in Forestry

The function of the forest worker is to maintain and protect watersheds, forest laboratory potential, recreational trails and sell forest products.

Forest worker jobs involve: identification and measuring trees in preparation for sales, research property deeds, locate and identify property lines on the ground, build fire lines for fire suppression, perform tasks relating to people use, (e. g. trail maintenance, roadside cleanup, reservoir sanitation), plant trees, cut brush and small trees to release crop trees and improve trails as well as other responsibilities.

Forest workers will become skilled or gain experience in: plant identification, measurements and sampling techniques, soil erosion prevention, use of compass, abbey and chain, operation and maintenance of hand tools, chain saws and vehicles and reading maps and aerial photographs.

The forest worker is subjected to working conditions requiring a good work attitude, physical stamina, proper clothing, the ability to work alone and with others, recognition and ability to work safely around job hazards.

Student Positions (3026 – 6740)