Labor Positions in Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a team-oriented department that maintains buildings, grounds, and equipment on campus. Students work on various crews learning carpentry, electrical skills, grounds keeping, horticulture, recycling, housekeeping, painting, storeroom, motorpool, and office skills. Students’ responsibilities in the various areas depend on experience, knowledge, and willingness to learn. There will usually be two to three vacancies in Facilities Maintenance due to the size of the department. Students are welcome to fill out applications for areas of interest.

Grounds—The Grounds Department is a great place to work if you love to work outdoors and enjoy learning about plants. We are responsible for the total upkeep and maintenance of all flowerbeds, shrub maintenance, general care of foundation plantings, and planting of all new landscape projects. We are also responsible for the installation of new trees in a strict tree plan program.

Maintenance—This department is responsible for making needed repairs and maintaining all dorms on campus. Our main purpose is to provide quality service to fellow students at a low cost. We work in close contact with Physical Plant, but students do most of the work. Over the recent years of the crew’s existence, there were savings as a result of the cost of dorm maintenance. Dorm maintenance also gives experience for further advancement for students to become staff personnel in the dorms, such as monitors.

Public Buildings—The purpose of the Public Buildings department is to provide custodial services for administrative and academic buildings. The department employs nearly 40 students: two grade 5, six grade 3 and the remainder grades 1 and 2.

Solid Waste/Recycling—A great place to work if you enjoy keeping the campus litter-free. Contribute to the environment by recycling. Become part of the campus wide recycling. We want you to help us make it happen.



Office Administration(3025-6755)

Housekeeping Public Buildings(3025-6756)