Labor Positions in Convocations

Administrative Assistant (10-15-hr. contract, Grade 3 or 4)

This position helps in many areas of program planning and execution of events in Convocation Series. This job requires the ability to respond to instructions quickly, a high level of clerical and creative writing skills, a willingness and ability to act independently within the context of program goals and objectives. Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Banner, or willingness to be trained is required.

Ushers (0-5 hr. contract, Labor Pool Rate, 20 positions)

These positions monitor convocation events, collect and process convocation cards, and occasionally serve as hospitality agents for convocation speakers and artists or as tech personnel. Interpersonal skills and a willingness to monitor the actions of one’s peers according to the convocation rules and usher guidelines are essential.

Data Entry Clerk (5 or 10 hr. contract)

This position is primarily responsible for working with convocation cards: entering ID number’s into Banner forms, sorting, reconciling number of cards with number of ID’s entered, maintaining records for the budget using Excel.

Convocations Labor Positions(2048-6740)