Labor Positions in Child and Family Studies

The Department of Child and Family Studies promotes those educational experiences that are designed to enrich the lives of the individual (the child) and groups (the family). Recognizing a professional commitment to the service of others, students associated with this department emphasize areas of concentration in Child Development, Family Studies, Family and Consumer sciences with Teacher Certification in Middle and Secondary Education, and Nutrition and Food Studies. Labor positions, constructed to support the collective service commitment of the profession as well as the ethics of the college’s Labor Program, are available in the Emery Building (as laboratory assistant, janitors, teaching assistants, building monitor and office receptionist), the Harrison-McLain Home Management House (as resident assistant/monitor), and in the Child Development Laboratory at the Boyd and Gaynell Fowler Building (a full day preschool program). All labor positions afford opportunities for enhancing effective human interactive skills, increasing knowledge of collective and specialized areas of the profession, along with opportunities for personal growth and development. For further information and referral to the appropriate staff member for interviews, etc. , please contact Dr. Janice Blythe, interim department chair, or Dr. Katrina Rivers Thompson, labor supervisor for the Emery Building.

Student Positions (2112 – 6740)