Labor Positions in Bookstore

The College Bookstore provides services to the students, faculty, and staff of Berea College, including the sale of textbooks, student supplies, office supplies, general reading trade books, gifts, and sundry items. Our operation is very involved with and dependent upon the Student Labor Program.

Our goal, in setting up our student labor program, was to have students in as many responsible roles as possible. We feel we have achieved our goal in this area, and the students have responded admirably.

We have students that work with every facet of our operation. This includes inventory control, merchandising products, figuring profit margins, placing orders, solving billing errors with vendors, receiving and checking incoming merchandise, paying invoices, customer service, cashiering, etc.

This is good experience for all majors, especially for business majors who gain some basic and advanced business experience; also, very good for art majors in designing store and window displays.

Student Positions (3160-6740)