Labor Positions in Art

Art Gallery—The Art Gallery is located in the Traylor building of the Art Department. It consists of two floors of abundant space to display art. Exhibits range from local to foreign and can be two or three-dimensional. There is a senior exhibition at the end of each semester and a student show during the Fall Term.

Art Supply Store—The Art Supply Store consists of a variety of art supplies that are available for students who are enrolled in art courses to purchase. The Art Store is located on the 3rd floor of the Traylor building.

Lloyd Loan—The Lloyd Loan is a collection of art that is loaned to faculty and students during the year. Art can be checked out at the beginning of Fall Semester and are returned at the end of Spring Term. Signs will be posted for dates of viewing and returning art.

Student Labor—Student labor positions are available in all areas of the Art Department, contact Larky Crawford at ext. 3530 if you are interested.

Student Positions (2105-6740)