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S.O.A.R. is a new web-based service that

  • House resumes of incoming first year students and allow for updating in following years
  • House all job descriptions on campus
  • Allow supervisors to search incoming students based on key words in the resume
  • Allow supervisors to request placement for a first year student
  • Allow supervisors to post job openings and arrange job interviews
  • Allows a student to request an job interview for a position of interest
  • Allow students to search all existing jobs on campus and to be more intentional about finding jobs that support their academic, career or personal goals
  • Allow academic advisers, faculty and labor supervisors to assist students in locating positions that support their academic, career or personal goals
  • And much more….

The student job description is a core component in the SOAR system. In addition, the Federal
Department of Education has regulations requiring all labor positions to have an active job description.
All updates must be concluded before the end of the spring term 2019 in order to continue to have an
active position.

There are some required elements to the job description that you must consider.

  • Description of Duties outlining core elements of the job
  • Learning Opportunities that help articulate what skills sets and knowledge students are able to gain while working in the job
  • Qualifications & Perquisites that describe what is needed in order to be considered for the position

In order for students to be more intentional about connecting jobs with their major and career choices,
there will be additional items that job descriptions will now contain.

  • Work hours available describing if early morning, evenings, weekend, standard 8:00-5:00 positions, etc….
  • Break hours available in the position during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring.
  • Summer hours available in the position
  • Work environments in the Department such as office, farm, landscaping, lab, etc..
  • Related majors the job supports
  • Miscellaneous fields that show attainable technical skills, computer skills, job skills and certifications through the position.
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