Fall 2022 Vacancies

Available Positions – 9 Primary

Job Duties –

  • Cleaning dorms


  • What They don’t know how to do I will teach them

Please contact Latricia Weitz

Available Positions – 1 primary

Job Duties 1 primary – Plan, coordinate, and manage program calendar to include Thursday lunches and other intentional programs that supports nontraditional students.

Plan, organize, shop, and/or prepare a meals or refreshments for program participants.

Coordinate staff and volunteers to help with the set-up, clean-up, and direct task completion of programs to ensure success.

Ensure proper supervision of youth programs.

Advertise for Thursday Lunch and other programs via email, Berea Engage, and on the college bulletin boards.

Collaborate with Ecovillage Director and the Community Advisor staff to:

  • Coordinate events.
  • Communicate with residents and parents.
  • Advertising for programs and events. d. Management of program budgets


A. Supervision of others for task assignments.

B. Budget organization.

C. Knowledge of team dynamics and operation of a well-functioning team. D. Event coordinating

Please contact Sharonda Steele

Available positions – 2 Secondaries

Job duties –

Gardening Assistants Work with the Ecovillage gardener to plan, implement and maintain food gardens, for the specific use of the Ecovillage community. Plan and coordinate gardening programs and activities


Gardening knowledge. Composting knowledge.

Please contact Sharonda Steele

Available positions – 1 Primary

Job Duties-

Ecovillage Grounds Assist in planting and care of containers, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees Assist in ground maintenance Assist in general clean up Work with residential grounds maintenance to ensure the grass is cut in a timely manner. Keep trash compacted and clean around the compactor/recycling area. Able to lead certain grounds maintenance tasks with little supervision.


Basic hand tool use and maintenance General grounds maintenance Interest in outdoors Moderate manual labor in all weather conditions

Available Positions – 5 Primary, 15 Secondary

Job Duties –

Teaching Assistant (TA) positions are available for specific classes and applicants must meet specific qualifications as determined by faculty. Swimmers, especially are needed to provide in-class assistance and after-hours individualized instruction.

In addition, 2 Dance Assistant positions are available (Country Dancers and BMED). Applicants should contact me and I will direct them to faculty for detailed obligations and expectations

Please contact Laura Magner

Available Positions – 1 Primary

Job Duties –

Answering phone calls, performing data entry, filing, shredding, and assisting students or visitors who may walk into the building and come to our front desk area.


Good customer service skills, attention to detail, patience, computer skills – MS Office, and willingness to learn new skills.

Please contact Justin Addison

Available Positions – 4 Primary

Job Duties –

Push mow, water plants, pick up leaves and general light landscape work.

Job Requirement –

Able to work outside in all weather and a drivers license.

Please contact Rosemarie Adams

Available Position – 10 Secondary

Job Duties –

These are usher jobs for the weekly afternoon and evening convocations on Thursdays (fall & spring terms). Potential ushers will be trained by convocation managers & the convo director to (1) monitor audience members during convocations to ensure compliance with convocation rules; (2) to execute safety/security measures (in coordination with Public Safety); (3) and scan student IDs for convocation credit after the event’s conclusion. Other small duties as assigned (such as post-event clean-up/tidying up etc.).


Candidates must have good verbal communication skills; they must also feel comfortable and confident to ask fellow students (“peers”) for compliance with specific convocation rules. In addition, they must remain calm and be able to de-escalate in case of confrontations/aggressive behavior.

Please contact Dr. Thomas Ahrens

Available Positions – 2 Primary

Job Duties –

Both positions are level 1 in weaving. Students are taught procedures of the studio including how to weave, basic care and maintenance of our equipment, and introductory design and production. Daily duties include being present on time to learn, weaving independently, and helping to clean and maintain the equipment and studio.


This positions requires no special skills or qualifications as we can teach everything the student needs to know to be successful.

Please contact Erin Miller

Available Positions – 3 Secondary

Job Duties-

These are specialty positions: Couch to 5K: leading sessions of Couch to 5K using app. Instruct proper stretching post run. Keep up to date attendance stats. Community regularly via email with participants.

Nutrition team: work with campus dietitian on initiatives. Be available during lunch or dinner to help with distributing samples, tabling events, and Thrive! Nutrition events.

Job Requirements –

Couch to 5K must be a prior C25K participant. Nutrition team: interest in helping your fellow students eat healthily in and out of dining.

Please contact Jill Gurtatowski

Available Positions – 2 Primary

Job Duties –

  • Composing, writing and typing Word, Excel, flip chart notations from meetings or other documents. Possible registration work with Eventbrite or Tradeshift for invoicing.
  • Running errands
  • Learning how to answer the phones, taking messages, transfer calls, check messages on the phone or request information over the phone. Learning to deal with a variety of people.”
  • Reception duties, welcoming visitors and giving information in a friendly, professional manner.
  • Logistical help including gathering materials, collating and copying for notebooks, organizing supplies, cart driving training, making signage.
  • Learning basics of communication and leadership and what Brushy Fork does out in the region and being able to tell others.
  • Some social media page management

Job Requirements-

  • Sincere desire to learn and positive, cheerful attitude and energy
  • Good work habits including punctuality and honesty
  • Discipline to see tasks through
  • If not Excel and Word skills, desire to learn
  • Good organizational skills and neat appearance
  • Likes constructive criticism
  • Interest in the Appalachian region

Please contact Daniel Ferrebee Jr.

Available Positions – 16 Primary

Job Duties –

I have vacancies for Dining Room Assistants, Custodians and Classroom Support Staff. Dining Staff will help the Cook with washing dishes, taking and retrieving food from the classrooms, putting away food truck orders and general cleaning of the kitchen and dining area. Custodians will help keep the general facility clean by mopping, sweeping, dusting, cleaning common areas and other duties as assigned. Classroom Support Staff will assist the teaching staff in the classrooms with caring for and educating children, will engage with children on a daily basis, will model best practice with children, plan and lead activities for children, clean the classroom, assist children with toileting and other duties as assigned.

Job requirements –

MUST enjoy being with children, helping them to grow and learn in a respectful, loving and high quality learning environment regardless of your job duties. Must recognize that all positions at the CDL have worth and are needed. Must be reliable, dependable, able to work as a team and on your own as needed.

Please contact Tammy Carter

Available Positions – 1 Primary

Job Duties –

A. Demonstrate a good understanding of Risk Management/EHS Mission Statement and overall general department responsibilities and procedures

B. Complete Environmental, Fire and Safety System campus building inspections

C. Assist other technicians with periodic required environmental compliance and campus fire and safety system inspections.

D. Develop a working knowledge of location and types of all required inspection areas and equipment

E. Participate in all required departmental training

F. Complete Job Safety Analysis as assigned

G. Assist with the risk mitigation planning process and draft procedures

H. Update the Chemical Safety Data information system and recordkeeping requirements

I. Maintain an organized and safe work place

J. Interact in a professional manner with faculty, staff, and students

Job requirements –

A. Able to work in a team environment

B. Good organization and writing skills with attention to detail

C. Ability to wear personal protective equipment if needed ( i.e. gloves, safety eyewear, lab aprons, hearing protection)

D. Ability to lift 25lbs or less

E. Physical ability to access multiple campus locations to complete inspections

F. Ability to perform work in different types of work environments including areas where chemicals are in use or stored

G. Demonstrate ability to be responsible for and trusted with the responsibility for checking out building master keys and following all building security protocol when completing inspections

Please contact Paige Geary

Available Positions – 4 Primary and Secondary

Job Duties –

Teaching Assistants needed for: HHP 233-Dance in Healing & Therapy (TR 10-11:50); HH 492-Sr Research in Human Performance (TR 10-11:50); HLT 109-Comprehensive 1st Aid (MWF 10:40a-12:30p); WELL 101E (MW 10:40-11:30a)

Must be available these class times and must have either taken and passed the course or it is a course they do not plan to take (or expertise/experience for HHP 233 and HLT 109). These are secondary (0-5) positions, unless an applicant can cover multiple courses, in which case a primary position may be available.

Job requirements –

Students should contact Laura Magner to be directed to faculty to discuss specific duties and expectations.

Please contact Ram Lakhan