Berea College Labor Transcript

The Berea College Labor Transcript is a detailed account of each student’s work history and the level of performance they attained in each job while working in the Labor Program. It is an official document of the institution and is produced and managed by the Office of the Registrar.

Obtaining a copy of the Labor Transcript is a simple process.   You can access all relevant information needed to obtain a Labor Transcript on the webpage for the Office of the Registrar or in the student view of myBerea.

1)      The Office of the Registrar webpage has links to download a Labor Transcript paper request form and a link for ordering the transcript through an online process with Scrip-Safe. (Note: there may be fees assessed when applying online.) Paper form requests are submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

2)      MyBerea is also a place for students to begin the process of ordering a Labor Transcript.  Students will go to the Labor Tab and click on the “Request Official Labor Transcript” link within the Student Labor Resources Channel.   That link will take students to the Office of the Registrar webpage for requesting a Labor Transcript as described above.

Note: The Labor Program Office does not produce or take orders for official labor transcripts.


An excellent resource about the Labor Transcript is found by clicking on the following link:

Labor Transcript Informational Packet, 2015