2012 Spring Pay Schedule

Weeks begins ends due date checks issued
3+ *Jan. 8 Jan. 28 Jan. 30 Feb. 6
4 Jan. 29 Feb. 25 Feb. 27 March 5
4 Feb. 26 **March 24 March 26 April 2
3 March 25 April 14 April 16 April 23
3 April 15 May 6 (Sun) May 8 (Tue) May 14

* Begins Jan. 8. For students who return early for orientation. Labor required beginning on Jan. 10th.
** Includes spring break (March 12th-March 18th)

Required Hours for Spring Term

Each student at Berea College is required to complete a minimum of ten hours a week and adhere to the work schedule as required by the position and arranged with the supervisor. Depending on the departmental contract signed, the total hours will accrue as indicated below *:

Minimum Hours Needed for Spring Term

Contract Pay
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
10-Hour 24 40 30 28 28
12-Hour 30 48 36 34 32
15-Hour 36 60 45 42 42

* Students are expected to work through the end of the term, regardless of the number of hours accrued. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including labor probation.

Labor Breaks

Date Event Note
Martin Luther King, Jr. students work as usual
Spring Break labor is dismissed unless a special contract is signed
Labor Day * students work as usual
Good Friday Observance labor is dismissed unless students are essential to a department’s operation
Reading Period students work as usual
Final Exams students work as usual

* This event is not related to the U.S. federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September.