Will I be charged for printing when I am working at student labor?

You can charge printing to the Print/Copy card most departments are using for student labor photocopy work.  To do so, the Prompt for Logon feature must be activated in your Equitrac Client software.  See the Student Labor Printing Guide or ask your supervisor for instructions on activating the Prompt for Logon feature and charging prints to the Print/Copy card.  Only output sent to MFD Copier devices or to a public laser printer may be charged to a Print/Copy card or student account.  Charges are incurred at the time the Print/Copy card or student ID card is swiped at the page counter terminal to release printing.  Students are not authorized to print to departmental laser printers.  Of course, if you print to one of the MFD copiers or public laser printers with your own ID number and card, your personal account will be charged even if the documents were related to your student labor assignment.