What does the Cost Preview popup mean?

The Cost Preview popup shows information about the print job and gives you an opportunity to decide whether or not to accept the charges for printing.  If the job shows more pages than you expected or if your account balance is not enough to cover the cost, you will want to delete the job.  Following is a list of the lines shown on the Cost Preview popup with additional explanation.

Document Name – shows the name of the print job as it appears in the printer queue.  This is usually the same as the file name of the document being printed.

Job Information Details – shows the number of pages and the type of paper being sent to the printer.

Job Information Cost – shows the amount that will be charged against your account if the job is accepted and released.

Account Information Balance – shows the balance of print/copy credit on your account right now BEFORE any charges for the current job are deducted.  The charges for the current job will be deducted later at the time the job is released and printed at a public print station.