TRC – Helpdesk

The Technology Resource Center, or TRC, located adjacent to Hutchins Library, is a division of Information Systems and Services committed to delivering outstanding technical support and services for the Berea College community and is the primary point of contact for technology questions, problems, issues, and training for students, faculty, and staff. The TRC also provides media and classroom support for the Berea College campus.

Services Provided:

New Features & Announcements

  • Helpdesk Appointment System – to better serve the Berea College community, IS&S is implementing an appointment system to help serve the campus more safely and reduce waiting times for in-person service with our support staff. This system may be accessed by visiting We thank you for your patience through these trying times.
  • Duo/MFA – What is Multi-factor authentication and why does Berea College require it?
  • Sending and Receiving Secure Email – Berea365 includes the ability to send and receive encrypted emails to other Berea email addresses and off-campus accounts.
  • Berea365 – Berea Campus email accounts are hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.  This allows for email access anywhere an Internet connection is available, plus Word Online and many other features.
  • Bereabox – Bereabox is Berea College’s recommended cloud storage solution for file storage, file sharing, and collaboration. Bereabox offers students, faculty, and staff a secure space for storing and accessing files from anywhere with almost any device.