Office-Based Consultants

In order to provide additional technology support to the College, the Office-Based Consultant program was started in July, 2000. Recognizing that Berea College has many employees who are skilled technology users and who assist others on an informal basis, this network of resource people was created. Office-Based Consultants provide the first contact for employees in an office, on a floor, or possibly within an entire building. Departments/divisions determine how the office-based consultant functions within their area.

OBC partners will work closely with IS&S staff and Educational Technology staff to extend support across campus into individual divisions/departments on a daily basis, and to offer input into planning for technology needs. The support and assistance from Office-Based Consultants result in a decrease in basic inquiries to the Help Desk, allowing the Help Desk staff to focus on more advanced issues. The Consultants are able to pass along exact information about problems and training needs to the Help Desk. If the Consultant cannot provide assistance or is not available, the Help Desk remains available to help with questions.

The Office-Based Consultants meet frequently for some of the following reasons:

    • Introduction of new software packages, versions, and equipment
    • Training on new software, hardware, the network, and troubleshooting
    • Instruction for new upgrades and patches
  • Discussion of questions or computer problems raised by colleagues
  • Advance notice and preparation for upcoming changes in the College

Potential Benefits

Office-Based Consultants could be able to assist with some or all of the following:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Outlook: Contacts, Distribution Lists, Calendar Sharing, Creating an appointment
  • Box Cloud Storage
  • Data backup
  • Creating a PDF
  • Printers
  • Microsoft OS
  • Apple OS
  • Contacting Help Desk
  • General knowledge of Banner
  • “BDM” (document imaging software)
  • Learning space media systems
  • Wireless technology support
  • Department-specific software


Name Office Area Extension
Beverly Abney Residential Life 3115
Scotty Abney Financial Affairs 3082
Johnna Allen Frost Building 3939
Anthony Basham Instructional Technology 3630
Stephanie Turner Facilities Management  3864
Malissa Blair Business and Administration 3131
Sarah Broomfield Executive Admin. 3487
Sam Cole Administrative Assistant 3928
Jeanette Davidson Music Building 3466
Channing Francis Administrative Assistant 3639
Sandy J. Carringer Draper Building 3263
Judy Gergen Circulation Services 3285
Sondra Hall Program Associate 3854
Alice Hooker Science Building 3351
Carrie Jadud Program Assistant 3217
Sue Johns College Relations 3013
Kelly Linville College Relations 3005
JoJo Wray Marketing and Communications 4122
Sheila Lyons Program Associate 3935 or 3140
Laura Magner Seabury Center 3431
Lisa Rosenbarker Education Studies 3072
Jim Strand Provost and Dean of the Faculty Office 3486
Chris Thomas Academic Services 3309
Susan Vaughn Executive Assistant 3489
Farrah Stamper Technology & Industrial Arts Building 3033
Connie Williams Child and Family Studies / Child Development Lab 3742
Jenna Zimmerman Administrative Assistant 3452
Marsha Elliott CCC Office Manager 3134