Accessing the Wireless Network with Your Roku or Apple TV Device

These devices were designed primarily for use in a home setting, where only simple security measures are used, so they are limited in the types of wireless networks to which they can connect. Here at the College we use enterprise level wireless security (WPA2 + encryption) which is much more involved and which, unfortunately, is not supported by many of these devices, so you will only be able to connect them to the ResNet wireless network, or directly to the network wall outlet in your dorm room.

In order to get connected to the wireless network you will need to be located in a residence hall or in the Eco Village complex as these are the only area where you can access the ResNet wireless network. This wireless network was designed to allow devices that only support simple security protocols to access the Internet.

To connect to ResNet all you should have to do is browse the available wireless networks and select ResNet from the list. There is no password or special configuration required at this time, so any device should be able to connect. If you have any problems accessing ResNet from your residence hall room or apartment, you need assistance getting connected, or have questions about WiFi access in general, please contact the Technical Resource Center at extension x3343 or stop by our Service Center, which is located in the Hutchins Building. You can also email questions to