My laptop is damaged. Will I be charged and if so how much?

Students are responsible for cost of repair when their computer is damaged for any reason.  The charges are $20 labor/processing fee plus actual cost of replacement parts.  For example if a computer is dropped and requires replacement of an LCD panel costing $200 and a plastic bezel costing $30, the total repair charge will be $200+$30+$20 or $250.

If the total charges for a repair event exceed the value of the computer as published by IS&S, the computer will be replaced with a computer of the same model and age and the charge will be the published value.  For example, if the published value of a two-year old computer is $500 and a repair event requires a motherboard costing $400 and an LCD panel costing $200, the computer will be replaced and the charge will be $500.

Repairs required due to equipment failure covered by Dell warranty are done at no cost to the student.