My ID card won’t work at a page counter terminal. What should I do?

For some reason, swiping your ID card at a page counter terminal does not result in the terminal identifying your account and releasing your jobs.


  1. First, be sure the problem is not due to your account balance being too low.  In that case, the page counter terminal should recognize your ID card and display your name, followed by the message “Insufficient Funds.”
  2. Second, be sure you are swiping the card with the magnetic stripe facing upward and the photo facing downward.
  3. Third, if you have a new ID card replacing one that was lost, note that it may take a day or so for Printing Services to update your print/copy account with the new card issue number.
  4. If the page counter terminal is not reading your ID card, try the card at another terminal.  If it does not work at either terminal, take the ID card to the Student Accounts office in Lincoln Hall for examination and possible repair or replacement.
  5. If the page counter terminal is reading your ID card but showing the message “Invalid Account,” take your ID card to the Printing Services office to verify that you have a print/copy account and to plan any additional follow-up needed to get your printing operational.