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I got an e-mail saying my mailbox size is over its limit. How do I fix it?

I recently received a message from the system administrator saying my mailbox size is over its limit. (At this point you may not be able to send any e-mails).

This is an automatically generated message from the server letting you know that you have too much data in your mail account. Students are allowed 50 mb of space while faculty and staff are allowed 70 mb of space. Once your mailbox exceeds this amount, you will receive a notification. At this point, you may lose the ability to send messages until your mailbox size is reduced to under your allotted space. Once you are under your limit, your ability to send messages will return automatically.

Clean out data from your mailbox.


  1. Open Outlook and go to the Tools menu on the menu bar.
  2. In the tools menu select “Mailbox Cleanup”.
  3. Select “View Mailbox Size” near the top of the window to open a window entitled Folder Size. The third line down says “Total Size including Subfolders”, if the size is over 50000 for a student or 70000 for a staff/faculty member, you are over your limit. The large white box, at the bottom of the window, shows you every folder in your mailbox and shows you how much data is in each folder.
  4. You need to delete the data out of those folders until you are below your limit. (Remember that when you select delete, an item is moved to the deleted items folder until it is permanently deleted from there. Items in the deleted items folder still take up space on your mailbox.)

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