Enrolling Your Account with Password Management

Enroll Your Account

What is Password Management?
Password Management is a set of tools available through the internet that allow you to change your account password, unlock a locked account, or reset a forgotten password.

Setting up Password Management
In order to use Password Management for resetting a forgotten password or unlocking an account you must have completed the initial enrollment.  It is recommended that all users take a few minutes to set up your security questions for Password Management so that these tools available in the event that a password is forgotten or account locked.

This same process can be used to update your security questions after enrollment.

IMPORTANT:  If you have not set up Password Management these tools will not be available if your account is locked or you do not know the current password.

  1. Go to: http://password.berea.edu
  2. Click on Enroll at the right for initial enrollment, or Update to update your security questions.Screen shot of Enroll button in password management Screen shot of update button in password management
  3. Log in using your current username and password.Screen shot of login space in Berea College password management page
  4. Choose and answer at least 2 security questions.  These answers should be something that you can remember, but are not easily guessed by someone else.  Click Update/Enroll when finished.
    Screen shot of security question in Berea College password management page