How can students get upgrades for EDGE laptops?

Memory Upgrades

  • Students are free to purchase a memory upgrade if they feel it would help with their successful use of an EDGE computer.  Installation assistance is available at the TRC.
  • In cases where a memory upgrade is required for a particular course or assigned project, a faculty member may request an upgrade from IS&S for a particular student.  Requests should be e-mailed to the Director of User Experience with explanation of the requirement.  Justified upgrades will be provided at no cost to the student.

Storage Upgrades

  • Students are not authorized to upgrade or replace the hard drive, SSD or optical media drive in an EDGE computer.  If additional storage is required, students are encouraged to use BereaBox for cloud storage or purchase a USB attached external hard drive, flash drive or optical media drive.

Replacement Battery

  • The EDGE program provides up to one replacement battery per student.  To obtain a battery replacement, bring the computer to the TRC and request a battery evaluation.  If the battery is not functional or holds less than five minutes of charge, a replacement will be provided.  Additional battery replacement after the first one can be done but the cost will be charged to the student’s account.