Bereabox is Berea College’s recommended cloud storage solution for file storage, file sharing and collaboration. Bereabox offers students, faculty and staff a secure space for storing and accessing files from anywhere with almost any device. By logging in to bereabox, users agree to comply with the BereaBox Policy and the Berea College Computer Data Storage and Security Policy


  • Personal Storage:  allows up to 50GB of personal storage.
  • Organizational Storage: provides unlimited storage for departments and organizations.
  • Security: uses server side encryption to secure and protect your document.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Share documents and folders with box users inside and outside of Berea College.
  • Box Notes: Edit and comment on documents in real time with collaborators. For additional information please see
  • Cloud Based: Access your documents from the cloud from anywhere in the world from any device.
  • Microsoft Document Editing: Edit documents in the cloud using Microsoft Office Online

Collaborate and Share Content Anywhere

  • Students work together, sharing notes and assignments from a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Professors work on research papers with colleagues at other schools – in a secure space
  • All stakeholders receive instant notifications on revisions, comments and updates

Work Together In Teams

  • Quickly and easily create shared workspaces and password-protect shared links
  • Upload content, organize it into folders, add comments, assign tasks, manage version history
  • Powerful search capabilities let you find projects and fellow students fast

Stop Worrying About Lost Content

  • Your content’s online. No more thumb drives or stressing about stolen tablets or laptops
  • Box Sync ensures files from your local hard disk are available to you when you want access from other computers and devices
  • When you leave school, your content goes with you. Just transfer it to a private Box account

Audit, Monitor, and Control

  • Content is protected by industry-leading security and available with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Detailed monitoring, search and reporting lets IT see who’s storing and sharing data
  • Single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory and group management add greater controls

Creating a New Account

  • Eligible faculty, staff, and students can go to to setup a new account. Under the prompt “Part of Berea College?” choose Continue and fill out the required information using your Berea email user name and password. If asked to enter your department, you can fill this out or choose skip at the bottom. Once completed, you will have quick and instant access to the Box.

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