Blended Learning at Berea

I thought you might enjoy browsing our current list of faculty-led blended learning initiatives supported by our Educational Technology team.  You will find some interesting work underway as well as patterns emerging in the way our faculty are adopting new technologies and pedagogies to support deep learning across the curriculum.  You might also notice that most of our colleagues have already agreed to present their work to the Group of 30 at an appropriate time so we can leverage their experiences and explore related opportunities across the curriculum. Continue reading Blended Learning at Berea

Production Studio Is Open for Business


I am pleased to inform you that students in several media courses taught by Deborah Martin, Billy Wooten, and Gordon Gray have moved into their new home! This is the initial phase of integrating the new facility into our curriculum. My thanks to Billy for passing these photos my way and to everyone that participated in this collaboration. We look forward to viewing some new content from the studio on our new BC On-Demand service as well as digital signage that is being placed in several locations across campus. Continue reading Production Studio Is Open for Business

Educational Technology Update


I am writing to share some good news.  With the assistance and support of the AC; we are taking an important step this fall to strengthen faculty advocacy for teaching and learning at Berea.  This includes hiring a Director for Educational Technology and the establishment of a new Educational Technology unit on campus.  This transition is a natural extension of Scenario D’s emphasis on Engaged and Transformative Learning and a direct response to numerous faculty discussions in the past year that included members of our Group of 30 along with those involved in last summer’s collective research on the scholarship of teaching/learning and high-impact educational practices.  The new unit will consolidate three full-time staff with expertise in social media, virtual environments, digital media, cloud resources and constructivist pedagogy. Continue reading Educational Technology Update

Berea On-Demand


Berea On-Demand is a new video streaming service that will go live in Fall 2011 in conjunction with the new Digital Film Production Studio.  This system will allow us to stream live content or on-demand content developed in the studio to support teaching and learning as well as cocurricular activities.  Continue reading Berea On-Demand

Work Begins on Digital Film Production Studio


Work began this morning to convert the old phone center in Bruce Trades to our new Digital Film Production Studio.  All interior walls, ceiling, and light fixtures are now being removed to prepare the space for the new facility.  The temporary studio in Draper 311 is up and running to support instructional needs during spring semester.  The permanent studio will support HD digital video creation using virtual sets and a green screen with separate production space, control room, and sound booth.  The studio is designed to support our media studies curriculum, student generated digital content creation, lecture capture and much more.  High-end graphics and video editing work can be performed in our new Applied Technology Labs set up last summer in the Library and Tech building.  When video products are produced in the facility, our new VBrick video streaming system will house the content and make it available for “on-demand” viewing across campus. Continue reading Work Begins on Digital Film Production Studio

Seven Things That Might Interest You Regarding Technology at Berea

1. Berea Target’s Fall Semester to Complete Transition to Moodle

A total of 120 faculty have made the transition to Moodle and are managing 150 classes this fall semester on the new open source courseware product.  In addition, 112 faculty completed an hour long training session on Moodle to gain familiarity with the new system.  At the end of fall semester, Blackboard will no longer be supported on campus.  Anthony Basham is working with the remaining 18 faculty that are using Blackboard this semester to facilitate the transition.  Moodle is accessible through the myBerea portal and students accessing the portal automatically have single sign-on access to Moodle.  This feature will be deployed soon for the faculty portal as well.  Since Moodle is open source software, the College will save $15,000 annually.  Beginning in spring semester, those savings will be used for faculty support and development in the integration of technology in the teaching and learning process. Continue reading Seven Things That Might Interest You Regarding Technology at Berea

Moodle Transition

General Faculty,

I am pleased to report that our transition to Moodle courseware is on track and on schedule. Seventy-seven faculty/staff instructors are already using Moodle to manage 89 courses and 26 special groups. In addition, fifty-seven faculty have attended Moodle introductory sessions with the next session scheduled for Thursday, March 25th at 10 a.m. in the IT Instructional Classroom (room 230 in the Library). Contact Anthony Basham at extension 3630 if you would like to attend the next session. Continue reading Moodle Transition

IS&S Fact Book Computer Resources

IS&S serves the College’s mission by maintaining a robust technology infrastructure designed to address current needs and future growth.  This includes information and communications technologies including instructional and media systems, administrative applications, analytical tools, web/portal applications, wireless, VOIP, servers and much more.  The focus of our technology integration is to support student academic success and institutional effectiveness on campus.   Continue reading IS&S Fact Book Computer Resources

Progress Report on our Summer Technology Initiatives

Berea uses technology to ease the transition of first-term freshman

Berea TechnologyNewly admitted freshman received access to their myBerea portal early this summer in order to ease their transition to College life. Throughout the summer, first-term freshman had access to their email and a variety of system applications so they could interact with others and become familiar with the virtual learning environment and the campus prior to their arrival. Incoming freshmen also received a special transitional tab on the portal that was designed specifically for their unique needs as first-term freshmen. The myBerea portal is designed to support student learning and personalized assessment of academic progress throughout their studies. Continue reading Progress Report on our Summer Technology Initiatives