Campus Communications Strategy


Improvements to the Weekly Events Digest continue to be made based on excellent feedback from our campus community (see below). This week, new sections were added titled “Health and Wellness”, “Performing Arts”, “Faith”, and “Just for Fun”. Readership last week was the highest to date and included 30% of faculty, 31% of staff, and 14% of students. We also added 107 retirees to the distribution list with 28% readership for that group.

The data continues to support the use of email as a way to reach about 30 percent of our campus community and we hope to expand that reach when the Events Calendar is accessible through mobile apps and digital signage. We have successfully navigated through some technical hurdles on our mobile app deployment and expect pilot testing of our suite of 50 mobile apps to begin shortly after the holidays. Thanks for your patience and support as this work continues.