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As some of you are aware, our community now connects on average 2.5 mobile devices per person to our campus network.  Use of mobile technology is more pervasive than ever before.  To accommodate this growth, we finalized an agreement with CampusEAI this morning to procure their suite of “myCampus” mobile apps.  These apps (listed below) will extend Banner “self-service” functionality to various mobile platforms and will provide a base of configurable “out-of-the-box” apps that will serve other needs on campus.

Our collaboration with CampusEAI will be a unique one as this is a consortium of educational institutions that work together to develop new apps and enhance existing apps which are then made available to all consortium members.  Consortium members also develop “portal channels” consistent with Berea’s architecture and this means that over time, we can ensure that all of our “virtual windows” to Berea’s learning community will have consistent feature sets and functionality.  Membership in this consortium is one way to leverage mutual interests to best serve our individual constituencies.

I just wanted to keep you in the loop as this relationship is built and we begin the process of testing and piloting various mobile features for College use.


I. OBJECTIVECampusEAI will provide Member with myCampus Mobile App that interoperates with the Member’s Banner® application.
II. MYCAMPUS MOBILE myCampus Mobile App provides the following functionalities:

• Registration Status
• View Class Schedule
• Add Class
• Academic Transcripts
• Drop Class
• Week -at- a-Glance
• Holds
• Classroom Availability
• Account Summary
• Emergency Contact Update
• Grades
• Address Update
• Class Lookup
• Billing Address Update

The following mobile apps are also included in the CampusEAI myCampus Mobile Apps :

• Favorites
• Emergency App
• News App
• Athletics app
• Events App
• Radio App
• Courses App
• Donate App
• Directory App
• Shuttles App
• Maps App
• Photos App
• Video App
• Parking App
• Campus Tour App
• Library App
• Facebook App
• Dining App
• Twitter App

myCampus Mobile 2.0 will include the following apps for iPhone/iPad(2X Mode), Android, Blackberry devices (with limited functionalities)

Basic Branding Kit: Custom App Icon, Custom Splash Screen, Custom Information Screen
III. SCOPECampusEAI will provide the following professional services, outlined within the Approach and Tasks mentioned below.
IV. APPROACHES & TASKSThe following table summarizes key tasks and proof points for this engagement.
V. SUPPORTUnder this engagement, CampusEAI will provide myCampus Mobile Support for all P1 issues – 24/7/365 and 9am-5pm ET for Priority 1-4 issues

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