Technology Planning and Progress Report

  1. Campus Workflow Enhancement
    1. Expand use of Banner Workflow Features: To be scheduled
    2. Dashboard: Upgrades underway (Domo release, Admissions and Financial charts)
    3. RMS Housing System: Installation and end-user training completed week of March 4
    4. Web HelpDesk System: Installed and being deployed
    5. Degree Progression Technology: DegreeWorks from Ellucian (Pending ARCT Funding)
    6. Fundraising CRM: Constituent Relationship Management System (Pending ARCT Funding)
    7. Undergraduate Catalog – SmartCatalog: Installation process underway
    8. Luminis Portal Upgrade: Completed
    9. WordPress CMS Upgrade: Completed
    10. NOLIJ Upgrade: Completed
    11. Bb Transact Upgrade: Completed
    12. Formscape to Transform: Completed
  2. Teaching and Learning
    1. Stabile Active Learning Classrooms: Draper 308/100, Tech Building Classroom and Science 306 to be completed during spring break.
    2. Faculty Innovation Projects: Ongoing
    3. Assessment Lab: 80% completed
    4. Enhanced Assistive Technology Support: Pending ARCT Funding
    5. Georgia Tech Disability Services: Finalized relationship to enhance our capacities in providing alternative media/text books, assistive technology, braille services, and technical support to our students with disabilities.
  3. Blended Collaboration and Communications
    1. Ensemble (VBrick Interface): Installation Completed, Deployment Underway
    2. Digital Signage: Possible start date – Summer 2013
    3. Office 365: Pilot Groups to begin using product week of March 11.
    4. Microsoft Lync Collaboration Platform: In planning stage
    5. Mobile Computing: Finalizing contract with CampusEAI for mobile apps and portal channels
    6. Luminus Portal Replacement: Completed
    7. Website Conversion to WordPress: Completed
  4. IT Infrastructure Upgrades
    1. Internet/SIP (New): Negotiations to begin with Windstream on March 12 to restructure campus PRI connection to SIP with vendor provided voice gateways and restructured long-distance service.
    2. Voice over IP: 570 out of 824 Cisco handsets deployed.
    3. Backup Systems Upgrade: 30% Completed.  New data domain is in use with all servers transferred to the new backup process by early April.
    4. Virtualization Systems Upgrade and Redundancy: 95% Completed.  VMware is fully functional on new hosts with three servers left to migrate.
    5. Operational Storage Replication Upgrades: 75% of servers converted to new operational storage.
    6. Upgrade Core (New): Purchase new core switches and move existing core routers to support replication between Telecom Facility and Computer Center
    7. Bandwidth Upgrade to 300 MB: Postponed due to tighter P2P blocking that freed existing bandwidth
    8. Banner Middle Tier Upgrade: Installed with remaining users to be transitioned by early April
    9. Bradford Access Control (Wireless and Wired): Initial Installation completed to provide endpoint compliance, guest networking, and BYOD.
    10. NCS Wireless Monitoring: Installed
    11. Wireless Upgrades: Ongoing
    12. Exinda (Packetshaper & Proxy): Completed
    13. HP9000 Replacement/Upgrade: Completed
    14. IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection/Prevention Module: Completed
  5. Risk Management
    Progress toward addressing Crowe Horwath recommendations as of 2-11-2013:

    1. High Risk: 3 items remain
    2. Moderate Risk: 5 items remain
    3. Low Risk: 6 items remain
  6. Other
    1. Systems Analyst Vacancy: Initial Skype interviews scheduled this week for three candidates.
    2. Move IS&S Staff to Draper and Hutchins: Completed
  7. Technology Proposals
    Four of the above technology proposals are tracking through grant funding requests.

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