Final Steps in our Website Transition Underway This Weekend

AC Colleagues:

IS&S, Integrated Marketing and Admissions staff met this morning and agreed we were ready to go live this afternoon with our new WordPress version of our college website. Once we make the switchover, it will take about 48 hours for all web users world-wide to be redirected to the new site. This is a “quiet rollout” because the look and feel of the website will not change at this time but the tools driving our website were significantly upgraded setting the stage for our future. I am alerting the Group of 30 and our OBC’s to be on the lookout next week in case problems arise requiring our immediate attention. Doug Widner (ext 3028) and Cary Hazelwood (ext. 3337) are the two individuals that will be monitoring site issues over the next few days.

One big change you will notice in the weeks ahead is the new distributed model for updating site content. After training, designated staff across campus will be given direct access to manage live site content for their areas using a standard web browser. They will have access to style guides, templates, and navigation structures already in place and managed by our Integrated Marketing staff to ensure site continuity. The new system features and analytical tools will allow the College to adopt more complex communication and marketing strategies in the future that will be informed by data and statistics available through this content management system.

This collaborative undertaking addresses faculty and staff requests for greater access to update site content and will support the work of our Integrated Marketing and Admissions staff that needed better tools to reach potential donors and students. We have much work ahead but this is a nice milestone for us and we will be watching closely for any issues over the weekend. I am grateful for the teamwork and collaborative spirit that led us to this important milestone.

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