Summer 2012 Initiatives


Our planning team will be meeting twice this week to keep several key initiatives on track.  Below is the agenda for our Wednesday and Thursday meetings.  I am copying Lyle and the AC just to give them a heads-up on these summer activities.

1. Wednesday Agenda:

a. Stabile Active Learning Classrooms (Robert Lewis/Lisa Jones):
These are significant classroom technology upgrades supported by Ed Tech and TRC staff in collaboration with appropriate faculty. See attached proposal approved by Toni Stabile.
Deadline (Draper 100 and 314, and Tech 104): January, 2013
Deadline (Science 306):  June, 2013 but would like classroom technology in place much earlier.

b. Immersive Media Rich Learning (John Lympany):
This involves the full deployment of our three-pronged strategy that includes enhanced media streaming capacity (using Berea OnDemand), improved media content creation capacities (through our new production studio and new field equipment) and LCD’s in collaborative learning spaces that also act as digital signage to highlight activities and student work in support of our learning community.
Deadline: Summer of 2013

c. VOIP (Kevin Blankenship):
We are in the final phase of our campus transition to Voice over IP to replace our aging PBX and add new features such as unified messaging for faculty and staff and new e911 service.  Unified messaging allows voicemail to be accessed via email as well as through traditional means.
Deadline: End of Spring semester.

d. Wireless Upgrade (Randy Ellis):
Upgrades are moving forward and will significantly increase throughput using smart AP technology across campus to keep up with the growing use of mobile technology in our curriculum.
Deadline: October 31

e. Website Conversion to WordPress (Cary Hazelwood):
Project will allow for central management of the look and feel of the website while allowing others on campus to update their content directly using a web browser interface.  New feature sets will also be available to support future integrated marketing strategy.
Deadline: August 2012

f. Faculty Innovation Projects (Lisa Jones):
The number of faculty innovation projects is growing significantly and this is having an impact on both the TRC and Ed Tech staff.  Attached is an updated faculty list of projects.  
Deadline: This is ongoing work

g. Office 365 (Kevin Blankenship)
We are making preparations for student rollout to take place during fall semester.  I will speak to Lyle and Judge to discuss migrating faculty and staff as well.  There are many benefits for the campus community including new online collaboration/conferencing tools, increased storage space for email and documents, 99.9% service level agreement, along with cost savings for the institution.
Deadline (for student rollout): November 30
Deadline (for faculty/staff rollout): To be Determined

h. Network Penetration Testing (John Lympany/Kevin Blankenship)
An exit meeting with Crowe and Horwath will take place Wednesday afternoon.  We will provide a quick update to the team on this important work.

2. Thursday Agenda:

a. Backup and Virtualization System Upgrades (Kevin Blankenship/Perry Ingram)
We are meeting on Thursday with representatives from CBTS to review two key infrastructure projects that include enhancements to our institutional backup systems and to our virtual infrastructure to support high availability and effective disaster recovery.  We are now narrowing down our options on both projects. 

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