Blended Learning at Berea

I thought you might enjoy browsing our current list of faculty-led blended learning initiatives supported by our Educational Technology team.  You will find some interesting work underway as well as patterns emerging in the way our faculty are adopting new technologies and pedagogies to support deep learning across the curriculum.  You might also notice that most of our colleagues have already agreed to present their work to the Group of 30 at an appropriate time so we can leverage their experiences and explore related opportunities across the curriculum.

We are experiencing a substantial increase in the scope and depth of this work so I wanted to give you a quick update on staffing.  We are assembling a new pool of applicants now for the Educational Technology Director position and our search team will reconvene shortly to review those applications and move the search process forward.  In addition, Cary Hazelwood, our Web 2.0 expert, will be officially joining the Educational Technology team in June after our conversion to a new website CMS system is completed.  I hope to have the new Director on board in June as well to join Anthony and Cary as we form this new team.  As you can see from the growing list of faculty initiatives, getting this team together is a top priority for me.

My thanks to Anthony Basham for assisting me in preparing this initial report.

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