Update on Group of 30 Activities

Our thanks to Scott Steele, Rob Smith, and Gordon Gray for their respective updates on the use of iPod’s in the classroom, e-portfolio systems, and student documentary and feature film production. 

Last Friday we also discussed our Library renovation planning and the recent opening of our new Production Studio.  It looks like our next meeting (likely in March) will focus primarily on active learning classrooms and classroom redesign.  This should be an interesting and lively discussion.  Below are some materials we are assembling for that lunch conversation.

  1. Article on Active Learning Classrooms: “Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments”.
  2. Article on the 21st Century Classroom:  Dave Porter shared an article titled “Six Ingredients for the 21st Century Classroom”.
  3. Conceptual Design for Main Floor of Hutchins: You will see classrooms and collaborative learning spaces included in this early conceptual floor layout prepared by our architects.

Rob Smith has some interesting insights on the Active Learning Classroom article (item 1 above) so I hope he might share his thinking with you as we think critically about the University of Minnesota’s approach to classroom design.  If you have other articles you would like to share, please do.

Below is a brief list of the topics we are currently covering.  I also want to thank the OBC’s for joining us on Friday.

January Meeting

  • iPod Touches: Using the iPod touch “mini-lab” as a classroom teaching tool.  (Scott Steele)
  • E-Portfolio Systems: Update on the benefits of an e-portfolio system (Rob Smith)
  • Field Video Production Work: Expanding capacities for student documentary and feature film production work (Gordon Gray)
  • Library Renovation: Technology and space planning for the main floor of Hutchins.  (Anne Chase and John Lympany)
  • Production Studio: Quick update along with a possible tour after lunch (Deborah Martin, Billy Wooten, John Lympany)

March Meeting

  • Active Learning Classrooms: “Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments”.  (John Lympany)
  • Use of Video Conferencing in the Classroom: LifeSize video conferencing systems available at Berea  (Kevin Blankenship/Anthony Basham)
  • Live Video Streaming: Exploring our new BC On-Demand System for delivering classroom video content to mobile devices  (Kevin Blankenship/Robert Lewis)
  • ARCT Subgroup on Learning and Technology: Update on recommendations made by the planning group in December.  (John Lympany)
  • Scholar of Teaching and Learning and Educational Technology Director Searches: Update on position searches and how they will work together to support teaching and learning (Chad Berry/John Lympany)

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