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I am writing to share some good news.  With the assistance and support of the AC; we are taking an important step this fall to strengthen faculty advocacy for teaching and learning at Berea.  This includes hiring a Director for Educational Technology and the establishment of a new Educational Technology unit on campus.  This transition is a natural extension of Scenario D’s emphasis on Engaged and Transformative Learning and a direct response to numerous faculty discussions in the past year that included members of our Group of 30 along with those involved in last summer’s collective research on the scholarship of teaching/learning and high-impact educational practices.  The new unit will consolidate three full-time staff with expertise in social media, virtual environments, digital media, cloud resources and constructivist pedagogy.

Attached is the position summary for the Director of Educational Technology as currently advertised.  Please note that this is not a new position but a restructuring of a vacant position in IS&S.  Cary Hazelwood and Anthony Basham will join the new Director to form a three-person team dedicated to the enrichment of teaching and learning at Berea.  Also attached is a new organizational chart approved by the AC that includes the new Educational Technology unit as well as a newly consolidated Technology Resource Center that will combine two Service Centers (i.e. our Help Desk and Media Services) into a one-stop shop for the campus community.  As a result of these changes we are also revising the way we use space at the new Service Center (in the Hutchins building) to promote collaboration and guided learning in the use of technology.  This entire effort represents a realignment of existing resources to support blended learning.  Other summer initiatives, including our new Digital Film Production Studio and upgrades to classroom and informal learning spaces are also on schedule and we will share more on that this fall.

We have some strong applicants so far for the Educational Technology Director role and the better candidates have a teaching background along with education and experience in technology use, learning theory, and pedagogy.  I am hoping that some of you might be interested in interviewing and/or meeting our finalists as this hiring process moves forward.  That would likely take place later this summer or early in fall semester.  If you are interested, drop me a line and I will ensure that you have an opportunity to join this process and share you input.  We will take our time to find the right individual that will uphold Berea’s mission and promote our faculty, our curricular goals, and the work of our academic divisions.

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