Summer 2011 Initiatives


Our summer is shaping up to be a busy one as we have several key initiatives underway to enhance teaching and learning at Berea. High priority projects include completion of our new Digital Film Production Studio, full rollout of new campus video streaming services, expansion of our deployment of new classroom technologies, and media upgrades in the Alumni Center to promote student collaboration, learning, and communication. We will also hold a department retreat in May to complete the realignment of our IS&S operations to more closely reflect Scenario D’s emphasis on engaged and transformative learning. Attached is the budget breakdown for the Digital Film Production Studio. I am sharing this with you to give you a better understanding of the nature and scope of this effort. The $165,000 budget will be funded from three primary sources including contributions by our Academic Division, one-time sales of surplus technology, and I.T. capital reserves.

The implementation of Berea’s video streaming services is also on track for a fall rollout to the campus community. Components of that new system are already in place including television streaming to the desktop and access to on-demand curricular content generated by our faculty and students. Kevin is working with several faculty to develop strategies to deliver live instructional content through this system to support teaching and learning. Our new BC On-Demand services can also deliver an information channel through our network called BC-TV. BC-TV can be delivered on campus through our myBerea portal and through LCD’s mounted initially in the Alumni Center and the Crossroads complex where students frequent for many purposes. BC-TV might include scrolling slides to notify students of various campus activities, Dining Services menus, Center announcements, Bookstore sales and so forth. In addition, video content such as short news casts produced in the new production studio by students in COMTHR286 could also be broadcast on BC-TV as well as other curricular and cocurricular videos produced in-house like the Head of the Holler. Kevin Blankenship and Holli Hudson are working with our faculty to upgrade our technology strategies in the Alumni Center in ways that will also support our curriculum. This is part of an overall effort to create a media rich environment on campus that includes facilities for content generation as well as the ability to showcase student work and build community.

Of course the effort is in addition to other projects underway in IS&S including implementation of the Halogen personnel management system, Ad Astra scheduling system, Facilities work order system, new Luminus portal, network closet upgrades (UPS’s/Switches), bandwidth upgrade, and new Housing systems. Given the magnitude of this work, we will have to manage our summer well. That is why I am alerting several groups with this email. It is important that we follow through on these commitments with special emphasis on our activities that support teaching and learning so we can continue that momentum as students return in fall.

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