Work Begins on Digital Film Production Studio


Work began this morning to convert the old phone center in Bruce Trades to our new Digital Film Production Studio.  All interior walls, ceiling, and light fixtures are now being removed to prepare the space for the new facility.  The temporary studio in Draper 311 is up and running to support instructional needs during spring semester.  The permanent studio will support HD digital video creation using virtual sets and a green screen with separate production space, control room, and sound booth.  The studio is designed to support our media studies curriculum, student generated digital content creation, lecture capture and much more.  High-end graphics and video editing work can be performed in our new Applied Technology Labs set up last summer in the Library and Tech building.  When video products are produced in the facility, our new VBrick video streaming system will house the content and make it available for “on-demand” viewing across campus.

The new Digital Film Production Studio is one of our cornerstone projects to support teaching and learning at Berea and to provide an environment where active learning, visual literacy, creativity, and critical/analytical thinking can be demonstrated easily and effectively through digital content creation.  Below are a few pictures as work begins along with a graphic design layout for the new studio.

Renovation Begins …

Studio Layout …


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