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Windows 7 Rollout – Early Adopters Group

Posted on by John Lympany

Faculty and Staff:

We are in the beginning stage of transitioning to the new Windows 7 operating system for College-owned computers.  Our Technical Services Team has completed their initial testing of Windows 7 on our campus network and we are ready to form a pilot group of about 30 faculty, staff, and students to begin using the new operating system this month.  If you are interested in being a member of this group please contact Judy Gergen via email by the end of this week.

As you may be aware, an institution-wide rollout of a new operating system requires some careful planning.  You can help us by reviewing the below  Windows 7 compatibility chart that lists known software used on campus.  If you are using desktop software that is not on this list, I encourage you to go to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center online.  You can enter the name of the software you are using and the Center will tell you if it is Windows 7 compatible.  If your software is not compatible, please notify Judy Gergen via email and her staff will study options for you while we are early in the transition process.  In some situations, we can simply keep Windows XP on a particular computer if no viable options are available for the software you are running.

Windows 7 is a vast improvement over Vista and XP.  Faculty members that use technology extensively for teaching and learning will want to begin thinking about how Windows 7 might impact their classes as we head into Fall, 2010.  We welcome any “early adopters” that want begin exploring this new software and/or want to test their discipline-specific applications on this new operating system.   We anticipate that EDGE laptops purchased for the Freshmen class of 2010 will run Windows 7 as our standard operating system.

Academic Software Compatibility List for Windows 7
Adobe Creative Suite 2 Going upgrade to 4 or 5
Adobe Premier Version 8
Adobe Photo Album Not compatible
AutoCAD 2010 2010 compatible upgrade
Autodesk Inventor Version 9
Camtasia Not compatible-Upgrade to 6
FileMaker 6 Not compatible-Upgrade Files and move to 10
FileMaker 10 OK
Gif Animator Not compatible
Inspiration OK
Kidspiration OK
Logal Science Not compatible
Logger Pro OK
Macromedia Version 8 is compatible
Maple v12 & 13 Not compatible
Matlab Uncompatible-2009 compatible upgrade
Office 2007 OK
Pinnacle Studio Version 12
Robolab Not compatible
Snag it OK
Stata Not compatible-Version 11 is compatible
Statview Currently, No info available
Voce Vista Currently, No info available

Thanks for your patience and support as we begin this transition.

John Lympany


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