Phase III Plan for Web Site Upgrades

ShortTerm Goals (Target Date: Feb. 1, 2006)

  1. Home Page Portal Links:Make Future Students link and other audience portal links standout more on the home page (e.g., change font size,use mouseover techniques). (NRCCUA, Berea College’s ReportCard, section 1c)
  2. Home Page Photos: Gather Brainstorm photos andtaglines to create photos for the rotating middle section andmake them in-line withthe current Admissions materials.
  3. Home Page Admissions Section:Jay recommends removing the Distinctly Berean section and replacingit with an Admissionssection that containsinfo and links (such as the Apply Now link).
  4. Future Students Sections:Make the navbars contain links to all other major sections. (NRCCUA,Berea College’s ReportCard, section 2c)
  5. Printer-Friendly Pages (Future Students/Admissionssite only): Requires the redesign of the College Web site usingCSS-onlypages, which in turn can provide a printer-friendly version ofa Web page.This initiative will serve as the prototype for sitewide rollout.(NRCCUA, Berea College’s Report Card, section 2f)
  6. ApplyNow Link: Place an apply now link on both the main Future Studentsportal page as well as the College home page. This linkwill point to a page that contains a table for both domesticand international students, where the domestic contains a linkdirectlyto the application while the international points to the separateapplication form. Additional information will be provided onthe page for each audience. (NRCCUA, Berea College’s ReportCard, section 3a)
  7. Organizational Structure of Future Studentsand Admissions sites: Combine the domestic and internationalsections as wellas the Officeof Admissions site with the Future Students portal. If available,integrate the design elements from Brainstorm (photos and colors).
  8. PlaceKey Info on Future Students Main Page: Include a link to CampusTours, housing info, community info, visiting campusinfo,admissions criteria, and a box of important dates/deadlines.(NRCCUA, Berea College’s Report Card, section 4)
  9. UpdateAdmissions Staff Info: Requires photos to be taken by PublicRelations for their contact pages. (NRCCUA, Berea College’sReport Card, section 5b-c)
  10. Incoming Students and Guidance CounselorsDiscussion Board: Available with our community server. Requiresa list of topicsfor the board.
  11. Contact Web Form: Use Web form as a contact linkthat carbon copies messages to both faculty and admissions.
  12. Academic Prototype: Select an academic area and develop4 or 5 additional “collaborative” tasks designedto enhance their web presence to attract prospective students.Take what welearned from this effort to assist other academic areas in betterutilizing web features to attract new students.

Long Term Goals (June 1, 2006)

  1. Printer-Friendly Pages (EntireSite): Apply the techniques used on the Future Students siteto the rest of the College Web site.(NRCCUA, Berea College’s Report Card, section 2f)
  2. SampleDemo of Application Process: A static or dynamic demo of theapplication process will need to be created afterthe sitehas been redesigned. Content will need to originate from theAdmissions office. (NRCCUA, Berea College’s Report Card,section 3d)
  3. Secure credit card transactions. (NRCCUA, BereaCollege’sReport Card, section 3e)
  4. Photos and Slideshows of Campus: Requiresassistance from Public Relations. (NRCCUA, Berea College’sReport Card, section 4d)
  5. Webcam(s): Resources will be providedby Admissions for hardware and software. (NRCCUA, Berea College’sReport Card, section 4f)
  6. Admissions Instant Messaging / OnlineChat Availability: Assess resources in Admissions to see ifthis a feature wecan realisticallyprovide. (NRCCUA, Berea College’s Report Card, section5d)
  7. Web Site Analysis and Traffic Flow Study: Research softwareavailable and compare with our current statistics software.[Tom and James] Will provide the capability for traffic flowstudies.
  8. Web Site Search: Research software available and comparewith our current search feature. [Tom and James] Move searchlinkto top of all Web pages and make it an input box for quickeraccess.
  9. Ask a Question section: Provides a button/icon onall academic pages that allows users to ask questions. Researchexpectedfunctionality and outcomes. May require programming. [Tom]
  10. Financial Aid estimator: Automated function that may requireintegration into Banner. Research expected functionalityandoutcomes.
  11. Student Blogs: Available with our communityserver. Admissions may wish to filter or edit content. Expectedoutcomes needto be researched first.
  12. Content Control and DirectAccess: After changes have been made to the Admissions/FutureStudents site,contentcontroland direct access can be handed over to a designatedand trained staffmember.
  13. Online Prospect Card: Offers profiles ofstudents, faculty, and alumni. May wish to integrate into theDistinctly Bereanarea and push content to other sections of Website. Requires programming.[Tom]
  14. Housing information: Provide photos and floorplans of all housing options. Research optionsavailable to provide 360-degreeviews of rooms.
  15. Search Engine Placement and VisibilityStudy
  16. Search Box: Move to top right, making itan input box. (Requires sitewide CSS compliance.)

Other Long Term Goals (Unknown Target Date and Expected Outcomes;may be objectives for future phases)

  1. Career and internshipinformation
  2. Newly accepted student portal
  3. RSVP for events and openhouses
  4. Banner integration for all applicants (online and paper – checkapplication status)
  5. Ask a current student (in addition to faculty)
  6. User definedcontent
  7. Integrate College switchboard and Public Relationsto standardized messages. (non-Web)
  8. Provide phone sessionsto incoming students from Admissions. (non-Web)
  9. E-mail templatefor official correspondence.
  10. Send out CDs, Video-CDs, or DVDsto incoming students containing intro movies. (non-Web)

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