Labor Team Technology Tips

We believe professional development is necessary and important to all staff including student workers.  Therefore, we ask our Labor students to create annual personal professional development plans.

Starting in Fall 2015, we implemented a specific professional development project designed to develop the students’ technical knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. Each week using labor time, one of the students researches and creates instructions for a “Tech Tip.” These tips are then presented and discussed at weekly meeting of other Labor students and office staff where they are further developed.

These tips are designed to improve:

  • the efficiency of office work as well as enhance the students’ own academic work
  • the students’ presentation skills
  • the students’ organization skills – a searchable table of contents with instructions are created for each Office Program

We have included the “Tech Tips” that have been created (below) and these will be updated on a weekly basis.  Please feel free to share with others on campus. We welcome any feedback and/or questions.