General Studies Program Aims and Assessment

Derived from the learning goals of Being and Becoming and the Great Commitments, the Aims listed below identify the common expectations for all students, that can be met in a variety of ways, including curricular and co-curricular activities, residential life, convocations, and labor.  These aims outline the specific knowledge, skills, and qualities of mind we would like to see all students develop in common, and they suggest certain kinds of experiences that will enable that development.  Thus Berea College’s General Education Program should ensure that each student has experiences that meet these Aims.

Under each aim, you will find links to current student survey data reports.

aesthetic, scientific, historical, and interdisciplinary ways of knowing

no current student survey data available

religion, particularly Christianity, in its many expressions

Berea's historical and ongoing commitments to racial (traditionally black and white) and gender equality, as well as to the Appalachian region

the natural environment and our relationship to it

the roles of science and technology in the contemporary world

read and listen effectively; write and speak effectively, with integrity and style

think critically and creatively, and reason quantitatively

develop research strategies and employ appropriate technologies as means to deepen one's knowledge and understanding

work effectively both independently and collaboratively

resolve conflicts nonviolently

deepen their capacities for moral reflection, spiritual development, and responsible action

develop an openness to and knowledgeable appreciation of human diversity, in terms of race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, language, and culture

cultivate their imagination and ability to discern connections, consider alternatives, and think about topics and issues from multiple perspectives

think and act in ways that promote peace with justice

develop habits leading to lifetime health and fitness

discussion and lecture

no current student survey data available

student-initiated learning

no current student survey data available