Forum 40404

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Forum 40404 is a group of alumni who have volunteered to share their opinions, experiences, and ideas by answering four to five surveys over the course of a year.  For the second iteration of the Forum, we  sent invitations to a randomly selected group of 6,000 alumni (graduates and non-graduates) with a valid e-mail address.  The current Forum 40404 panel consists of 341 members including 78 members who agreed to continue to serve from last year.  The goal of the Forum 40404 project is to have a dedicated group of alumni who provide an alumni voice to inform decision-making.

FORUM 40404 Inaugural Panel (July 2017 through Fall 2018)

We sent invitations to a randomly selected group of 5,000 alumni (graduates and non-graduates) and 225 alumni volunteered to serve on the inaugural Forum 40404 panel.  Below are reports from the three surveys that were sent to this panel.

Transition from College to Life/Career: Survey Highlights

Transition from College to Life/Career Executive Summary

Sustainability: Survey Highlights

Sustainability Infographic

Sustainability Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Labor Program Experiences: Survey Highlights

Labor Program Experiences Survey Highlights

Labor Program Experiences Executive Summary

Cover - Labor Program Experiences

Demographics and Reasons to Participate

Forum 40404 Summary Infographic