Archived Report Highlights, Academic Year 2017-18

Fact Book Report Highlights (Friday Fact Files)

Faculty and Staff Highlights
Fact Book 17-18 Enrollment
Fact Book 17-18 First-Year Students
Fact Book 17-18 Graduates
Fact Book 17-18 Transfer Students
Graduation Rates
Fact Book 17-18 Special Learning Opportunities
Fact Book 17-18 Labor
Fact Book 17-18 Alumni

Graduate Report Highlights (Friday Fact Files)

Graduate Education (StudentTracker)
Graduate Employment and Education (LinkedIn) By graduation years
Graduation and Education Status for Fall 2010 Graduates
Current Residence of Graduates

Data Report Highlights (Friday Fact Files)

Financial Status and Debt
Geographical Report 2017

Survey Highlights (Friday Fact Files)

Students Satisfaction Survey Infographic (2018 during administration)

Forum 40404 Report Highlights (Friday Fact Files)

Labor Program Experiences Survey Highlights
Transition from College to Life Career Infographic
Sustainability Infographic