Educational Technology

Polyvision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel

PolyVision’s Interactive Panel converts your computer into a robust and dynamic tablet PC adding interaction to large screen projection. Use the stylus to highlight key points, annotate your presentation or capture new thoughts. Or, use the intuitive remote control from anywhere in the room as if you were still presenting at the panel.


  • 15″ Flat panel LCD screen with anti-scratch protective glass
  • Remote control operation for key functions such as cursor control, slide/page advance, on-screen annotation, on-screen keyboard, print and save
  • No application software required; eliminates the need for CD installation or internet software download prior to product use
  • Seamless compatibility with any software loaded on user’s computer.

Interactive Panel Dimensions:
Model IP 15

Active Area
9″x12” (W x H)

Diagonal Screen

1024×768 (660 lpi)

Contrast Ratio

10.2 lbs

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