Educational Technology

Faculty Services

We provide hands-on training and support to faculty in the following areas:

  1. Courseware
    We support all faculty/students using Blackboard course management software.
  2. Discipline Specific and General Use Software
    We provide limited support for discipline specific software such as Basic Math Interactive Mathematics software and use of PDA’s and related software for Nursing clinicals and provide broader support to general computer software including Microsoft Office.
  3. Presentation and Collaboration Software
    We provide support for a variety of web-based software including virtual simulations and related utilities, online course materials, communication and collaboration software, electronic textbooks and more. We also provide support for PowerPoint presentation software.
  4. Survey and Data Collection
    Surveys are created using an online program called SelectSurveyASP. This program allows for easy survey creation, collection, and data analysis. It also offers seamless exporting of data into common formats such as SPSS and CSV.This service is perfect for classes that require a research component such as several Senior Seminar classes. Also, several non-academic departments currently use this online survey package. These departments include, Student Labor Office, People Services, and Institutional Research.
  5. Creation of Original Instructional Content
    We support faculty that want to create their own digitalized instructional content for display on websites, courseware, or through presentation software. This includes creating DVD’s, digitalizing various media, creating PowerPoint presentations, audio and video editing, scanning media, converting VHS to DVD and more.
  6. Use of Various Devices
    • Digital Cameras/Camcorders
    • Digital Microscopes
    • Tripods
    • Scanners
    • Viewing Station
    • DVD Burner
    • EDGE Laptops
    • PDA’s
    • Tablet PC’s
    • Wireless
    • Smartboards
    • Online and Electronic Training Material
    • Video Conferencing
      (ISDN, IP, and VOIP capabilities are being evaluated)

For more information please contact Instructional Technology at 3807 or e-mail us at .

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