A Musical Celebration

Thursday, April 4, 6:30-10pm
Baird Lounge, Alumni Building

Prepare to be electrified by some of the best musical talent Berea has to offer. Below is a schedule of performances along with a preview of each performing ensemble. We hope to see you there!

Berea College Fusion Ensemble

6:30-7pm, 7:50-8:20pm

Fusion Ensemble

Back: Karim Monem, Thomas Usher
Front: Nick Farr, Nick Riley, Garrett Cairo, Rachel Ware,
Tripp Bratton, Jacob Appelman, Tommy Boykin,
Stephen Walton, Jacob Leibeck

Inspired by the likes of progressive jazz fusion groups such as Weather Report, the Berea College Fusion Ensemble is a powerful combination of traditional percussion ensemble instruments and modern rock band instruments. Their setlist consists of songs by progressive rock giants such as King Crimson and Radiohead, funk and fusion hits such as “Black market” and “Cissy Strut,” and remixes of African folk songs such as “Mbola Tsara.” An experiment in progressive and jazz music, the Berea College Fusion Ensemble is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Berea College African-Latin Ensemble


African-Latin Ensemble

Standing: Karim Monem, Tree Carr, Jessica Gaines, Julius Neill, Thomas Usher
Seated: Jeon Boram, Johnny Faulkner, Anthony Milligan, Karla Robinson, Andy Brown, Becca Shaw
Bottom: Minjoo Kim, Tripp Bratton, Ali Djire

Accepting members from all walks of life, the famous Berea College African-Latin Ensemble has a repertoire consisting of drum rhythms from many countries of Africa and Latin America, played on hand-crafted djimbe drums. Some selections include “Djole,” a traditional mask-dance rhythm from Sierra Leone and the classic Ghana rhythm, “Fuma.” Come see one of Berea’s most beloved ensembles in action and experience the rhythms of Africa.

Good Intentions


Good Intentions

Back: Jeffrey L. Richey, Matthew R. Partain, Steven Hayes, Michael Berheide, John Blair, Jason Coomes
Front: Steve Karcher, David K. Tipton, Glen Dandeneau
Tommy Boykin (pictured above)

An all-star collaboration of Berea College Faculty, Staff and Student, Good Intentions is engineered to leave you astonished. Their selection is a combination of classic rock hits such as “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Route 66,” as well as other genre-bending tunes such as “El Carretero” and “Jump Jive and Wail.” Don’t miss this golden opportunity to see the Faculty and Staff of Berea College rock out in a one-time performance!