Integrated Marketing & Communications


Modern text-book writers in the public relations and marketing fields more-or-less agree that the key to integrated marketing communications is planning. Since its popularization in the early 1990s, the concept of IMC has evolved. But through its several versions, IMC maintained the idea that organizational success is most likely when the organization’s voices are—

  • heard by its prospects and audiences at the right times,
  • through the right media,
  • and saying things that harmonize.

If the overriding communications plan is solid and what is said to the various audiences is compelling, the organization at large — and all its individual parts — are most likely to benefit.

Well crafted, well timed and well placed messages are the products of IMC groups. Huge numbers of public relations, marketing and sales groups within all sorts of businesses and organizations have embraced the philosophy and methodology of IMC.

Areas that fall under Integrated Marketing & Communications at Berea College are:

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