Steps for Planning and Participating in an Internship for Academic Credit

Planning – Typically during the fall term prior to the internship…

  • Talk with your academic advisor and potential faculty sponsor about your intention to do an internship.
  • Attend/watch prerequisite internship info sessions “How to Receive Credit and Funding for Your Internship” is required for all 2021 internships, since internship options and funding have changed; others required or recommended as applicable. All three internship info sessions (“Finding or Creating Your Ideal Internship,” “Applying for Internships,” and “How to Receive Credit & Funding for Your Internship”) are all currently available as recorded sessions. Register in Handshake to receive a link for the session(s) you need.
  • Gather information about possible internships (deadlines, requirements, etc.) and identify the positions for which you will apply. If you are pursuing an international internship, be sure to read the Guidelines for International Internships and be aware of the CIE’s February 15th deadline for approval.
  • Prepare/polish your resume and cover letters, and prepare for interviews.
  • If applying to UGR internships, use the UGR Faculty Pre-Approval email template to obtain approval to apply.

Submission – Typically occurs in the spring when you’re applying for positions, accepting offers, and requesting credit and funding.

  • Submit applications to potential internship sites by their specified deadlines (some may be in the fall term).
  • Participate in interviews and accept an offer. A start date of June 1 is recommended for students requesting internship grant funding. Earlier start dates should give consideration to disbursement dates for funding.
  • Ask your internship site supervisor to submit a written offer using this Offer Form. This is a DocuSign form and it will be routed automatically to the Internship Office for review and preliminary approval and to you for acceptance. Both you and your supervisor will automatically receive a copy of it via email. Look at your copy and make sure everything is stated correctly and keep it for your reference. If you are an F-1 student, we will forward a copy to the International Student Advisor in the CIE.
  • Watch this video, and then complete the Agreement in DocuSign. It will be routed automatically to the Internship Office.
  • Use the Internship Experience Planning Form or UGR Experience Planning Form to draft and revise the plan for your internship, based on the offer and in communication with your Faculty Sponsor.
  • Go to Handshake > Career Center > Experiences > Request Experience
    • Enter the information from the Planning Form into the required fields as designated by an asterisk
    • Attach the Planning Form (after revisions are complete and you have faculty permission to submit).
  • The Internship Experience Request will be routed automatically by email and approved online by all reviewers, and you can track its progress through Handshake!
  • When the approvals are completed, you will be prompted by email to make an appointment to meet with staff in the Internship Office as the last step in the process. At this time, your funding level will be confirmed and you should be prepared to discuss your budget, showing that expenses are less than or equal your funding level.
  • Submission of the Experience Request, electronic approvals, and the meeting with the Internship Office should be finished by the April 23, 2021 deadline. Earlier submission is encouraged, to allow sufficient time for approvals and to assure appointment availability. Late offers will be considered, but funding will be delayed in this case, so that should be taken into consideration when determining your start date.
  • Attend the required session Making the Most of Your Internship (location/time TBA).

Participation – Typically during the summer term internship . . .

  • Submit your journals to your faculty sponsor as specified in your proposal.
  • Track your hours on a weekly basis using the timesheet and submit it to within one week of your end date, but not later than August 6, 2021.
  • Complete the online evaluation of your experience by August 6, 2021. A link will be sent via email in late July.
  • Submit a draft of your paper to your Primary Faculty Sponsor by August 31, or as specified by faculty.

Wrap-up – Typically during the fall term after the internship . . .

  • Revise and submit your final paper to your Faculty Sponsor, as specified in the Planning Form.
  • Do your internship presentation as specified in the Planning Form.