Internships for Summer 2020 have been cancelled.

For more information, official updates, and resources about campus-related cancellations and closures due to COVID-19, please visit this page.

Steps for Planning and Participating in an Internship for Academic Credit – Modified Guidelines for Spring & Summer 2020

During the spring term…

  • Submit applications, participate in interviews, and accept/decline offers.
  • Obtain a written offer confirmation from the internship site supervisor for the position you are accepting. It is recommended that the supervisor use the Offer Form on the ICD website since this with incomplete information will have to be returned for revision.
  • Email a copy of the offer to by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 31st for review.
    • You will receive an email response that will either confirm that the offer is acceptable and that you may begin working on your Planning Form (with your Faculty Sponsor remotely), or that revisions are needed.
    • At this stage, we will also send the Memo of Understanding (MOU) that you must fill out and submit online.
    • The Internship Office will send an acknowledgement of the offer by email to your site supervisor.
  • Use the Internship Experience Planning Form or UGR Experience Planning Form – UGR 020 to draft and revise the details related to your internship in remote communication with your Faculty Sponsor.
    • If you are an F-1 student, you will need to email/take a copy of your offer (that has been reviewed by the Internship Office) and your finalized Planning Form to the International Advisor, Kye Anderson. Kye will sign the form and provide/return it by email, along with the documents you will need.
  • Enter finalized information from the planning form into Handshake (only after all revisions have been made).
    • Handshake > Career Center > Experiences > Request Experience
  • The Internship Experience Request will be routed automatically by email and approved online by all reviewers, and you can see its progress through Handshake!
  • When the approvals are completed, you will be prompted by email to schedule a phone appointment in Handshake with Esther Livingston or Sara Cornett as the last step in the process. At this time, funding needs will be determined. If housing arrangements or transportation are still uncertain, funding will remain in “pending” status.
  • Submission of the Experience Request, electronic approvals, and the meeting with the Internship Office should be finished by the April 14, 2020 deadline.

During the summer term…

  • Participate in the internship.
  • Submit your journals to your faculty sponsor as specified in your proposal.
  • Track your hours on a weekly basis using the timesheet (PDF) and submit it to within one week of your end date, but not later than August 7.
  • Complete the online evaluation of your experience by August 7. A link will be sent via email in late July.
  • Submit a draft of your paper to your Primary Faculty Sponsor by August 31, or as specified in the proposal.

During the fall after the internship…

  • Make revisions, finalize and submit your paper to your Faculty Sponsor as specified in the proposal.
  • Do your internship presentation as specified in your proposal.