Steps for Planning and Participating in an Internship for Academic Credit

During the fall term prior to the internship…

  • Talk with your academic advisor and potential faculty sponsor about your intention to do an internship.
  • Attend prerequisite internship info sessions if this is your first internship: Finding or Creating Your Ideal Internship, Applying for Internships and How to Receive Credit and Funding for your Internship.
  • Gather information about possible internships (deadlines, requirements, etc.).
  • Narrow down options and identify the positions for which you will apply.
  • Prepare/polish your resume, cover letters, statements, etc. (attend CD resume workshops, employer and/or alumni events, have documents reviewed by CD).
  • Prepare for your interviews (attend interviewing workshops and employer or alumni events, request interview coaching appointment with CD).

During the spring term prior to the internship…

  • Submit applications to potential internship sites by their specified deadlines (some may be in the fall term).
  • Participate in interviews.
  • Accept/decline offers.
  • Obtain a written offer confirmation (email or letter) from supervisor for the position you are accepting. It must include the following information needed for your proposal:
    • name of the organization, the supervisor’s name, email, and phone (usually in the email signature)
    • specific start and end dates
    • the number of hours you will be working each week
    • a summary of the work you will be doing
    • pay status and amount (hourly, stipend, other compensation, etc.)
    • any requirements that you may need to complete prior to starting the internship (background check, drug screen, specific training, etc.)
  • As soon as you have received confirmation, bring a printed copy to the Internship Office during Drop-In Hours or a scheduled appointment. You will be able to sign the internship agreement at that time, let us know whether you will need funding, and ask any questions you may have before completing the proposal.
    • FYI, the Internship Office sends an acknowledgment of the offer by email to your supervisor at this point.
  • Complete the Internship Proposal with your Faculty Sponsor.
  • Make an appointment to submit your finalized proposal to the Internship Office. Sign in to Handshake to make an appointment.
    • Proposal must be signed by all required approvers before the appointment.
    • If housing arrangements or transportation are uncertain, funding will be in “pending status” until confirmed.
  • Attend the Internship Launch Party on the last day of spring term classes, 5:30-6:30pm, in Baird Lounge.

During the summer term…

  • Participate in the internship
  • Submit your journals to your faculty sponsor as specified in your proposal.
  • Track your hours on a weekly basis using the timesheet provided by the Internship Office and submit it to within one week of your end date.
  • Complete the evaluation of your internship experience by August 3. A link will be sent via email in early August.
  • Submit a draft of your paper to your Primary Faculty Sponsor by August 31, or as specified in the proposal.

During the fall after the internship…

  • Make revisions, finalize and submit your paper to your Faculty Sponsor as specified in the proposal.
  • Do your internship presentation as specified in your proposal.