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Internships for Summer 2020 have been cancelled.

Berea College students are finishing the Spring 2020 term remotely. Internships & Career Development staff are also currently working remotely, but are still available and happy to answer questions!

For more information, official updates, and resources about campus cancellations and closures related to COVID-19, please visit this page.

Site supervisors and employers wishing to reach out to us about posting internships and jobs in Handshake, or discussing plans for recruitment in Fall 2020 and beyond are welcome to contact us at 859.985.3656 or email

Internship Supervisors said this about their 2019 Berea College interns: 97% gave their Berea College intern an overall rating of Excellent or Very Good (81% and 16% respectively). 92% said they would consider their Berea College intern for a permanent position if one was available.

Approximately 250 Berea students, representing all majors, participate in internships every year with a wide range of organizations – regionally and nationally – with almost all of them occurring during the summer term. To earn academic credit, students are typically required to work 35-40 hours per week for 8-10 weeks in a supervised setting.

Step 1: Create a position description, determine pay (if applicable), and how you would like the students to apply.

  • Requests for resume and cover letter are typical, and you may also request contact information for a faculty reference and labor supervisor reference.
  • Pay status and/or compensation packages may take on a variety of forms, depending on the type of organization, its needs and budget constraints.
  • Status may be unpaid, hourly wage, stipend, housing, transportation, etc.
  • For-profit, private-sector companies will want to consider the Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71 in determining pay status.
  • Paid interns typically make $10 to $35 per hour, depending on the career field, the duties/projects, and the student’s level of relevant experience, while some organizations offer other forms of compensation, such as housing or transportation.

Step 2: Post the position in Handshake.

Step 3: Interested students will submit the application materials according to your specifications.

  • You review the applicants, conduct interviews, contact references if desired, select the intern, and provide a written offer directly to the candidate (see Making an Offer).

Step 1: Provide a written offer to the student.

  • Use the Offer Form OR
  • Provide your own signed offer on company letterhead containing all the requested information (see Offer Form).

After the offer has been confirmed and accepted, the student will complete an Internship Proposal for course credit with his/her faculty sponsor. The proposal outlines the academic side of the experience, and you will receive a copy of it for your records prior to the start of the internship. If the internship is an unpaid position, the student may also request funding from the Office of Internships to cover travel and living expenses.

Once the internship begins, we ask that supervisors:

  • Conduct a basic orientation within the first few days for everyone involved (supervisors, interns, others as appropriate). This usually includes a tour of facilities, introductions to co-workers and key personnel, discussion of expectations, and an opportunity for the intern to ask questions, in addition to providing or scheduling any necessary training.
  • Provide consistent supervision, guidance, and feedback.
  • Provide meaningful work assignments that help the intern learn and build skills. Opportunities such as training, attending/observing meetings, informational interviews with staff, etc. are appreciated and valued.
  • Initial the timesheet (provided by the student) on a weekly basis and sign it upon completion of the internship. In general, students must work the number of hours and weeks specified in the offer.
  • Communicate with the intern’s Faculty Sponsor and/or the Office of Internships, as needed.
  • Complete the Final Evaluation which will be sent via email approximately two weeks prior to the end date.  This evaluation is required and considered as one component of the student’s final grade.

An important part of a student’s internship experience is receiving valuable feedback from their site supervisor. This helps to reinforce and celebrate their impact and positive contributions to your organization, while also providing them with a constructive and concrete understanding of how they can improve.

Approximately 2-3 weeks before an intern is scheduled to complete his/her internship, the Internship Office will send the site supervisor a link to an online evaluation survey, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. We recommend putting a reminder on your calendar so that you know approximately when to be on the lookout for the email containing the evaluation link. If you don’t receive one by or before 2 weeks until the intern is scheduled to leave, please email

These evaluations are carefully reviewed by our office, as well as used by the student’s faculty sponsor to incorporate into the student’s final internship grade for academic credit.

Contact Us

To set up a phone call or a meeting with Esther Livingston, Internship Director, and/or Sara Cornett, Internship Coordinator, to discuss your organization’s specific internship needs, or to learn more about the Internship Program, please call 859-985-3656 or email