Dress for Success

Professional Clothing Recommendations for a Professional You

Top Tips

  • Make sure to select clothing with nice synthetic blends or with light wool.
  • Purchase suits that are made with higher quality materials to extend their use
  • Avoid subscription boxes for suits
  • Measure yourself to find your exact size
  • Look for clothing that fits comfortably.
  • Always check the size guide on websites to know the best size to purchase
  • Invest in nicer clothing and items
  • Always hang your suit on a wooden hanger to keep its shape
  • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum, no more than 3 pieces.
  • Pick colors that compliment you.
  • Avoid cotton and knit suits!

Featured Partner: Macy’s

Macy's Logo

Berea College and Macy’s formed a partnership in 2016. Since then, Berea College and Macy’s have served over 200 students. Macy’s in Lexington, Kentucky, works with the Career Development office to open early for Berea College students and staff. Macy’s provides a discount to all students and works to help provide a personalized shopping experience for all students.

This semester, Macy’s My Stylist will be offering free personal shopping appointments for all Berea College students. Students may meet with Jennifer via online, or if off-campus, they can make an appointment with her in-person. Meet Jennifer here: Jennifer’s LinkedIn and request a virtual appointment time with her via Handshake. To create an in-person meeting if you are off campus: see the Macy’s Online Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional clothing funding is a one-time $350 award. To be eligible, students must first attend the semi-annual fashion show. Students will be required to purchase a professional suit followed by business casual clothing. All receipts and a photo must be turned in to our office at the end of the semester. See our Apply for Funding page for more information.

Caring for your professional clothing is the first step in having a professional look. Check out our clothing guide to find out how to wash your professional clothing. Hear from Jennifer Maggard, Macy’s Stylist, below to find out how to best care for your clothes day to day.