Interviewing, Evaluating Offers & Bridging Out of Berea

A job interview is an evaluation of a prospective student or employee. This is the single most important element in job hunting. Without coming across successfully in an interview a candidate may never get a position. The résumé is what gets you an interview, the interview gets you the job!

Participating in a mock interview is an excellent way for you to practice articulating your skills, experiences, and your Berea story. Practicing before your actual interview is extremely important! During your mock interview, we will ask real and relevant interview questions so that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Following the mock interview, we will explore with you what you did well, what you want to improve and suggest strategies on how to tailor your answers to the specific employers/organizations you are targeting. Schedule a mock interview appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development.

  • Best practices in transitioning from College to Career
  • Setting performance goals & asking for feedback