Networking, Interviewing, & Evaluating Offers


An interview is the place to let your personality and experience shine. No matter what the format of the interview, you’ll want to be prepared to be at your very best on interview day. Here are some ways you can prepare:


Networking is a vital piece of your career development and your job search. Almost 70% of available jobs are never posted, and networking is your key to finding these word of mouth job listings. As a Berea student there are several ways you can network:

  • Build a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn does not have to be just for major life updates or a place to store your resume. If you learn something interesting in a class or read something really cool, post about it and connect with people who are interested in the same things. You can also join Berea College Student & Alumni group to network with Berea alumni all over the world.
  • Join a professional organization. Professional organizations often have forums, listservs, newsletters, mentors, and job boards for their members that will help you find opportunities in your field. Juniors and seniors can use Career Development funding to join a professional organization that is relevant to their major. Click here for a list of popular professional organizations by major.
  • Conduct informational interviews. Information interviews can be a great way to stay in touch with mentors and also learn more about a potential position.
  • Best practices in transitioning from College to Career
  • Setting performance goals & asking for feedback