International Internships

International internships demand a great deal of advanced planning, so students should start the process of identifying and applying for international internship programs in the fall term prior to the summer internship experience. Approval of internships will be considered on an individual basis.

Option 1:  Study Abroad Internship Programs
One option is to take part in a Study Abroad Internship Program, such as the ones listed below.  They award academic credit which can be transferred back to Berea, so the Berea College Internship Proposal is not required.  These programs often have expensive fees, however, they usually:

  • arrange or provide housing
  • place students at internship sites
  • have staff in the country that can provide assistance, if needed.

The Education Abroad Fair , offered on campus each fall, is an excellent opportunity to learn about Study Abroad summer internship programs.

Students who want to do this type of internship should contact the Center for International Education (CIE) as they prepare to apply to the program of interest, and will also need to submit a full application to the CIE for approval and funding by the February 15th deadline. 

Partial funding is available from the CIE for this type of internship program. It is usually in the student’s best interest financially to spend a full-term studying abroad, for which the CIE can provide significantly more funding than for a summer-only program.

Examples of Study Abroad Internship Programs

Option 2:  Faculty-known or Recommended Internship Sites
The other option is to participate in a summer internship at an international site recommended by a Berea faculty/staff member who can verify its integrity. Such internships must:

  • offer an excellent learning opportunity
  • be well-supervised
  • provide for student safety.

Requirements are the same as domestic internships: 30-40 hours per week for 8-10 weeks.

In this case, students should speak with both the Director of Internships and the Education Abroad Advisor when considering this type of internship (Option 2) for pre-approval to proceed with plans. After that, the student would work with a faculty sponsor to complete an Internship Planning Form for academic credit that will be used as part of the CIE application to intern abroad (deadline February 15th). Once the internship site extends an offer and the student accepts it, then the proposal can be finalized and submitted to the Office of Internships.

Partial funding is available from the BC Internship Program for this type of summer internship and is approximately equal to the amount specified for summer savings to be disbursed at the end of August. No CIE funding is available to students who choose this option, but generally the costs are lower than costs for Option 1.

What else should students know up front?

  • To be eligible to take part in an international internship, students must:
    • Be in good standing (not on probation of any type)
    • Maintain a GPA of 2.25 or higher
    • Complete at least two terms at Berea College
    • Will return to complete at least one more term at Berea
  • F-1 international students are not eligible to participate in international internships (see Education-Abroad policies), however, they may participate in internships in the United States as part of their intercultural experience and study at Berea.
  • Students may be eligible to receive additional funding from one or more of these sources for academic internships:
  • If credit is being earned through Berea College and loans are needed, the student must earn 1.5 credits to reach the half-time enrollment status for summer which is required for loan or Pell Grant eligibility. Earning more than 1 credit for a summer internship will require some additional hours and/or assignments.
  • Students are not permitted to travel to any country for which a State Department or World Health Organization warning has been issued.