Grad School Test Prep Resources

We’ve collected some popular resources that students use to study for graduate school entrance exams. Please know that if you are intending to take the MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, or LSAT you must have a faculty recommendation. Please consult the pre-health or pre-law pathways.

Thinking of sitting for the MCAT exam, here are some preparation material resources to consider:


Free MCAT Materials

  •  Khan Academy : Free practice questions and Videos with content like that tested on the MCAT exam.
  • Altius Test Prep : Free practice exam
  • Kaplan Online MCAT Practice Test: Take a practice Test and receive a detailed score analysis to understand your strengths and where you need to improve
  • The Princeton Review : A full length practice test for free offered under the same testing conditions as the actual exam.

Paid Study Materials

Thinking of sitting for the GRE exam, here are some study material resources to consider:

  • ETS.Org : is the official website where you will take the GRE. They offer preparation materials to get you test-ready.
  • Magoosh : Magoosh offers a 6-month subscription for $179. Magoosh offers helpful video lessons, over 1200 practice questions, up to 3 practice tests, and study schedules.
  • Kaplan : Online 4-hour practice test for free with a score analysis, answers, and explanation for every question. Self-paced online course for $449 and a Qbank prep from $69.

Thinking of sitting for the DAT exam? Here are some preparation materials for you to consider:

Thinking of sitting for the LSAT exam? Here are some study materials to consider:

  • Law School Admission Council : LSAC offers a free LSAT prep with 2 official prep tests. LSAC also offers a 1-year access with unlimited practice for $99. LSAC also collaborates with Khan Academy to provide free, personalized prep materials.
  • Kaplan : Kaplan offers a free 3-hour LSAT practice test that comes with a detailed score analysis and answers and explanations for each question. There is also a free 7 days access to Kaplan teachers and resources. Kaplan also offers prep books for an affordable price

Thinking of sitting for the GMAT exam? Here are some study materials to consider:

  • : offers free two full-length practice exams and free access . It also offers more resources to match your personal study style.
  • Magoosh : offers a 1-year access premium option for $249 with video lessons, practice questions, 2 diagnostic tests, and study schedules.
  • Amazon : offers a variety of best sellers’ books for an affordable price. These books may come with an online access.