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Are you interested in attending graduate or professional school?

The choice to pursue a graduate degree is an important decision. Depending on your career plans, it can help you reach a career goal that will require additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree can help with earning potential, advancement, competitiveness, and entry into specialized professions. However, obtaining a graduate degree will require a commitment of time, energy, money, and readiness to pursue additional education.

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This guide answers your questions on all the basics of graduate school from discernment to funding. Have a more specific question? Check out our guides below for more answers or schedule an Graduate School Conversation appointment on Handshake.

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(Juniors & Seniors only)

This class is designed to prepare juniors and seniors for the graduate and professional school application process. This 7-week course will help students develop an ability to articulate their goals and reasons for attending graduate school. They will be able to utilize this heightened self-awareness and career direction when deciding on graduate school programs, when developing their career documents (curriculum vitae, personal statements, etc.), when practicing for interviews, and will develop a deeper understanding of the graduate school application process so they know what awaits them while applying. For more information, contact Amelia Gardiner.

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