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Are you interested in attending graduate or professional school?

The choice to pursue a graduate degree is an important decision. Depending on your career plans, it can help you reach a career goal that will require additional education beyond a Bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree can help with earning potential, advancement, competitiveness, and entry into specialized professions. However, obtaining a graduate degree will require a commitment of time, energy, money, and readiness to pursue additional education.

Remember – Do not feel locked into the major you pursued during your undergraduate degree; many graduate programs do not require a specific undergraduate major. Instead, they may require a core set of prerequisites. You can always combine themes and experiences in your life to help you get to your desired field of work.

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Graduate school involves obtaining specialized knowledge and concentration in a specific area of study. There are two basic types of graduate degrees: academic and professional programs. An academic degree provides more experience in research and scholarship in a particular discipline (e.g., Medieval History, Philosophy, and Social Work). Students interested in attending graduate school should consider a master’s vs. Ph.D. programs. A professional degree provides training to acquire specific skills and knowledge needed to work in a particular profession (e.g., Law, Medicine).


Research and identify graduate programs that interest you. Consider the following factors and what feels like the best fit for you: tuition expenses, location of graduate school, research vs. applied, culture of the program, mentor support, and ranking of program. Use the following links to help guide you.

It’s still important that you complete your FAFSA in order to pay for your graduate education. All loans, scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships can only be awarded if you have completed your FAFSA for that academic year.

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This class is designed to prepare juniors and seniors for the graduate and professional school application process. This 7-week course will help students develop an ability to articulate their goals and reasons for attending graduate school. They will be able to utilize this heightened self-awareness and career direction when deciding on graduate school programs, when developing their career documents (curriculum vitae, personal statements, etc.), when practicing for interviews, and will develop a deeper understanding of the graduate school application process so they know what awaits them while applying. For more information, contact Amelia Gardiner.